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Blog | 03.27.2015

Data Lends A Hand To Managers Tasked With Making A Culture Change

Organizational culture is ingrained in the very fabric of its being – to a large extent it’s what makes an organization unique. That’s all very well and good when things are going well but what if something goes wrong? The question is when something is so central to the organization what is the manager or leader tasked with course-correcting supposed to do?

In this article to India’s leading HR & Recruitment newspaper Times Ascent our AVP Sales, Khiv Singh, has outlined how this manager can make data his (or her) friend. The article identifies the 4 main obstacles to making a culture change and zeroes in on 2 specifically that are to do with the employee’s attitudes. One is impressing upon the employees the pressing need for the change and showing the impact of change not being affected. The other is about motivating the employee to then do what is required. The piece then goes on to show the positive way that data on be leveraged in both these situations. Data can provide an objective view to the employee of the issues with the way things are currently and also a compelling argument for making a change.

Changing the company culture is a tough task – data can help the manager having to take this onerous responsibility up. This article shows how that can be the case.