Sapience Company Culture
Blog | 03.31.2015

Culture Bump

Many companies have a culture problem. It’s not hard to spot, if every morning your company’s employees file in like lifeless zombies only to shuffle papers around slowly counting down the minutes in the day, then your culture is probably suffering, severely.

It’s not too late though. Luckily, like a pair of 90’s Reebok sneakers, there are things you can do to pump your company culture up. We call it the Culture Bump; it is a way to directly infuse a sense of passion and creativity into your team’s morale.

Company culture is an important part of business development and growth in 2015, the most sought after talent is now considering company culture as part of their job criteria before applying to or joining new companies. So what can you do to improve your company culture? There are many options from how you choose to design your workspace, to promoting a healthy work/life balance. However, there are some small steps you can take to immediately give your company a little culture bump, try these four steps to create a more engaged and productive work force today.

  1. Don’t Become Dead in The Water – One of the most important things to keep in mind when developing your company culture is not becoming discouraged because of the nature of your work. You might not be the hot new startup on the block, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your company a Culture Bump. Even if you are a 100-year-old accounting firm, you can create a cool and innovative work environment that will create an engaged work force. Try simple first steps like flex hours, employee recognition, and engaging team building activities.
  2. Promote Fun – Work doesn’t have to be a drag, and promoting a fun work environment will actually promote productivity and work efficiency. By letting your team take short periods of time to recharge you will allow them to refocus and prioritize more efficiently. Even if you can’t spend thousands of dollars to install video games and workout equipment, doesn’t mean you can’t promote good energy. Take a walk with your team twice a day, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon, you will be shocked how ten minutes outside can revitalize your team.
  3. Undo Top Down Management – Top down management is antiquated and frankly uninspiring. If employees see their bosses as authoritative figures living in ivory towers they will be less likely to invest in both the work they are doing, and the company they are working for. Work with your team one on one and in collaborative settings instilling a sense of confidence and assuring your team that they can feel safe pitching new ideas and being vulnerable without negative responses. Leading by example is a great way to motivate your staff and assure that you are creating an environment that fosters growth and new ideas.
  4. Use Tools to Promote Collaboration – With an abundance of apps and enterprise softwares, there are now more ways than ever to increase across team collaboration, which in turn will increase organizational effectiveness. Whether it’s a wire framing software so your design team can collaboratively work on web design together, or a social tool that allows for idea sharing, implementing helpful software and apps can increase productivity and help build a healthy collaborative culture. There are many cost effective tools that can help your team become more engaged and invested in their day to day work, which will have a positive impact on your overall work culture.