Blog | 10.27.2014

Create a Mindful Software Development Team

In this video about Mindful Software Development, Steve Mezak of Accelerance interviewed Shirish Deodhar. During this discussion, Shirish explained that Sapience creates a more mindful development environment, delivering 20% and more productivity improvement.

The objective of the product is to create better self-awareness among managers and developers about the projects they are working on. With better information delivered directly to workers and project managers, senior managers are less likely to micro-manage projects.

Specific results from using Sapience Software include

  • Improved work productivity
  • Oresource allocation
  • Dynamically spreading workload across the entire project
  • Better work habits
  • Less stress in the overall process
  • Smart tasking
  • Avoid micro-managing

One of the assumptions behind Sapience is that most employees want to do their best. With the information the software provides, they can adjust their activities to deliver better results.

Shirish says that positive change comes from within. To drive positive change, the software provides information on both the collective work pattern and individual performance so managers and employees can see for themselves opportunities to improve the work product.

Managers get the tools they need to monitor the overall project, and employees get what they need to improve individual performance as it relates to the project as a whole.


Sapience is essentially a holistic approach to software development. It provides relevant information to managers and employees to self manage projects and deliver 20% and more productivity improvements.

Dun & Bradstreet recognized Sapience as one of India’s fastest growing Enterprise Software products. Since its original installation 3 years ago, Sapience now has over 60 installations with over 60,000 users. Customers include two Fortune Global companies, several billion dollars Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s), three of India’s top 100 and eight of India’s top 25 IT companies.