Blog | 10.16.2014

“Correction Without Conflict” for Software Development Teams

Software development teams are always under constant pressure to deliver more, deliver faster and deliver better. Since most businesses demand a quicker time to market without compromising on the work quality it becomes essential for organizations to understand the factors that influence productivity levels of employees. The aim is to help them achieve work-life harmony and lead to the creation of a positive, happy and a Mindful Enterprise TM.

Technology plays a significant role in helping teams realize their true productivity potential by identifying work patterns, analyzing work environments and outline corrections needed. A productivity management tool could make it easier for teams to realize their actual productivity levels. A recent Gartner analysis identified that only 60% of the time spent was on productive work. Further, this report discovered that out of this 60% only 35% – 39% of the work time was spent on work which was directly related to the job role. So, only 1/4th of the time spent in office could be quantified as ‘productive time’.

With the help of a productivity management tool such as Sapience Analytics, organizations can identify productivity hurdles and manage them efficiently. Team managers can then get a clear view of the current workload distribution, understand team engagement levels and then fine tune the effort put in by the teams to deliver at an optimal level. A productivity management software also helps individual employees understand the difference between estimated effort and the actual effort and help them identify the main distractions at work which impair productivity and lead to high stress levels. This article shows how, with the help of proper effort analytics, organizations can develop an open and transparent work culture with high levels of productivity.

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