Blog | 12.01.2015

A Selfie a day keeps work stress away

The best thing about the Selfie is that .. it is simple. Just click on that nice little icon and the camera turns the attention on YOU. And that’s what we need today in the world. To RE-focus on ourselves; our homes, our family, our friends … our well-being and life itself.

Some people feel this Selfie thing is a little overdone. But we feel that it is a great opportunity to take a deeper look at yourself. But when we say SELFIE, we are not really talking about the photo, though that too can give a clue or two about your face and health. We are talking about the SELFIE of your WORK LIFE – the “Work Selfie”. A Selfie that mirrors the quality of your work life and when shared with others tells them how much joy you are getting out of your work. Ever wonder how it looks like? Do you think you will get Likes for that on Facebook? If the answer is a ‘No’, then you need to work towards a better Work Selfie. Right?

Now, we have a little something for you to do exactly that.

But before we come to it, let us quickly think about productivity at work. Among several things, distractions and an inability to stay focused on the task at hand are being recognized as the enemies of productivity. Our smartphones with their constant buzz, and the emails and meetings at work are the primary reasons for loss of focus.

As we all know, if we have to improve something, we need to first measure it. Once we measure it, we can identify what can improve. The next step is set goals for ourselves. That’s what Work Selfie helps you with – it is a mirror to how you work and whether you are achieving your goals. That’s it. See, we told you, it is simple.

So how does this Work Selfie look like? Here are couple of examples:


Work Selfie for ‘In the Zone’

Work Selfie for ‘Number of Breaks’

‘In the Zone’ and ‘Off-PC Intervals’ represent two aspects of work that can reflect how distracted we are. There are other Work Selfies that our Sapience tool (which we will introduce shortly) provides. For example, ‘In the Zone’ shows how much of your work day you were able to focus on important stuff without being distracted. ‘Off-PC Intervals’ is the numbers of breaks that you take – it is very important that you take a few, but perhaps too many means that you get interrupted often.

At Sapience, where we set challenges on these goals (2 hours of focus time, or maximum 10 breaks), it became a fun way to see who did the best. People shared their successes and figured out some cool practices to win enough points for a Badge each month.

And now for that exact tool. Obviously it is not a camera. It is called Sapience Buddy, and it is available for free (check out https://sapienceanalytics.com/buddy/). Just like FitBit which measures your physical activity, you will be surprised with some of your work patterns that Buddy discovers for you. Then set goals mindfully and with purpose, on your own terms. As a virtual assistant and head cheerleader, Buddy is there with you every step of the way to support your progress and help you overcome obstacles. You can even take your Work Selfie and share it on FB or tweet it on #myworkselfie.

And finally when you have a good looking Work Selfie, you will find that work gets completed well in time, allowing you more time on the beach to take that real selfie. And it is bound to look great, one that your dear ones will love and your boss will envy.

Can’t wait to get there? Start here by downloading Buddy!