Blog | 03.01.2012

Feedback from pilot deployment

Late last week, I had an interesting discussion with a Senior Engineer at a large IT services firm, where our product pilot is in progress for past several weeks.  We had a Pilot Findings meet, during which she spoke about how Sapience has helped increase her personal productivity. For example, she realized that she was spending much more time on e-mail communication than expected. Moreover, she would get email alerts which she had a tendency to respond to immediately, whether that was required or not. So, even a small step like clubbing and responding to e-mails in one go, kept her more focused on the current activity, which improved her efficiency and quality of work.

Several developers talked about how they were spending more time than anticipated in discussions with peers, and helping them resolve their issues. While this is to be encouraged, it helped to cap it to some reasonable level, and ensure that their own priority work was completed. Also, their managers too became aware how time gets spent not just on individual tasks, but collaborative activity.

As indicated in my earlier blog, Sapience, due to its pattern matching intelligence based allocation, is capable of almost automated mapping of time to activity and purpose. The power of its algorithm was confirmed by the users, and I am repeating their words verbatim – “After one week of usage, we hardly need to do any allocations.  It works in auto-pilot mode.”   That felt real good J

Things are getting quite hectic now. We have two POCs being rolled out next week and couple more later this month. Our next release, with a host of new features based on feedback from early pilots, has to be completed by end of this month too. So we have a lot to look forward to.