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Productivity Improvement | 02.18.2015

Five Music Apps to Maximize Productivity At Work

Hip and trendy open office spaces are taking over the office landscape, and everyone from startups to corporate behemoths are incorporating the cubicle free layout into their updated office design.

However as more and more offices convert to the open office space, the more we learn that working in an open environment can cause more distraction than collaboration. Just notice the amount of headphones that are adorning the heads of open office space employees.

So how do we maximize productivity at work? According to research, we can use music to help us fight through the ongoing distractions of open office spaces, and increase productivity.

From noise canceling headphones to ambient noise apps, there is an abundance of resources available for keeping you in the zone while at work. However, when it comes to the available apps on the market we have chosen our five favorites.

If you are looking to improve your productivity at work than try one for these five music apps so you can focus more on your work and less on what Barbra from sales is saying about last night’s American Idol episode.

  1. A Soft Murmur – Featuring a wide array of ambient sounds, A Soft Murmur is an easy to use app that is available on both desktop and mobile. It offers a number of natural background and such as waves, crickets, thunder, rain, coffee shop and more. It even allows you to mix and match so you can essentially listen to a thunderstorm near the beach.
  2. Noisli – Noisli, like ‘A Soft Murmur’, is an easy to use ambient noise generator that allows you to mix and match a number of ambient sounds to help you focus in even the most distracting environments. Noisli is also a color generator that offers soft and relaxing backgrounds, and recently they have launched a distraction free text editor so you can focus on writing while being lured into a relaxed and distraction free state.
  3. Spotify – For those that like to rock, we salute you, and Spotify is the perfect app for rocking everything from AC/DC to Taylor Swift at work. Some people do better without lyrics, but for anyone who wants some of their favorite jams playing through their headphones, there isn’t a better app than Spotify.
  4. WTF With Marc Maron – Obscure alternative comedian Marc Maron has found success with his widely popular interview series WTF, broadcast from of all places his garage. His in-depth interviews tend to dig deep into the psyche of some of the most famous comedians, writers, musicians, and directors on the planet. If you are a comedy or music fan, WTF can be a great way to drown out office noise.
  5. NPR – There isn’t a voice on NPR that doesn’t have a calming effect, as part of the on air qualifications seem to be having a soothing and calm vocal inflection. NPR has a great mobile app that allows taking news stories and other NPR programs anywhere easy.

If you are working in an open office space try using one of these apps to help improve your productivity at work, as music or ambient noise might be the perfect solution to a loud workspace.

Tell us what you think of the list and if we missed any app that you use and like ( do share why). If you liked the post and list then please share and comment.