Mind over matter – How to get more done in less time
Blog | 07.25.2014

Mind Over Matter: How to Get More Done In Less Time

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there don’t seem to be enough hours in a day. While there seems to be no lack of motivation to get more productive, staying motivated and disciplined about productivity seems to be a huge roadblock. In this tryst against time, it pays greatly to understand the workings of the human mind in order to handle the productivity block and tackle the main pitfalls that prevent us from getting things done.

1. Will power – Will power alone cannot sustain productivity. More often than not, we tend to push the difficult tasks until much later. Sometimes just getting started on a project and taking it one step at a time helps to get things done

2. Practice – Deliberate practice makes perfect. Chaining yourself to your desk trying to get the job done will mostly result in a burn out. Instead, engaging in deliberate practice where you focus on the quality of work done results in a greater sense of achievement and ultimately the desire to complete the task at hand.

3. Flexibility – Setting rigid timelines and not taking productive breaks often result in procrastination and work fatigue. Taking short breaks between long productive sessions and measuring the productivity of those sessions by analysing how much you have accomplished helps maintain better focus and keeps the energy levels high

4. Discipline –Discipline is all about learning how to execute the art of self-control. Setting tight deadlines and keeping a strict eye on them works far better in completing tasks at hand than allotting too much time to a task.

5. Multitasking – While from the outside, multitasking can seem like a really efficient solution to tackle productivity issues, in reality, it only helps an individual feel ‘emotionally satisfied’. It also impairs the ability to filter information, switch between tasks and maintain a high working memory. So block out the elements that cause you to multitask when you want to be at your productive best.

Watch this three minute video to get an insight into the science of productivity http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234958