What Makes Employees More Productive
Blog | 07.09.2014

How Can You Help Employees Be More Productive?

Harvard Business Review’s website recently reached out to 19,000 employees from various levels and positions across different companies and a broad range of industries through a survey to understand “what makes employees more satisfied and productive at work?”

The survey revelaed that employees primarily need following four things to feel better and be more productive at work:

  1. Rest: Everyone needs physical rest. If you are making your employees work long hours, sending them emails at late night and expecting response, asking them to cancel their vacation plans, then they are going to be burn them out. Organizations which have policies which take care of this aspect saw more focused, energized and motivated employees.
  2. Appreciation: Employees want to be valued – for their dedication, hard work and ideas. “Feeling valued” enocurages security and trust and employees tend to spend more energy in creating the value rather than explaining or defending the value they feel they are creating.
  3. Focus: An environment which encourages concentration – physical as well as mental, enables employees to get more work done, in less time and with better quality. This could involve an office environment which is less distracting, a private place to concentrate or a general culture of not cluttering the email inbox over trivial matters.
  4. Purpose: A higher purpose, a deeper mission is a very powerful source of motivation. If employees find themseleves aligned with the higher goals and objectives of the organization and see themseleves creating value towards acehieving that – they will feel more encouraged.

Through various polls conducted on sapeince.net, we have observed more or less similar findings.

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