Coming Up A Happier, More Productive, UK Work Force
Blog | 07.01.2014

Coming Up: A Happier, More Productive, UK Work Force

Newspapers recently carried news of how labour rules in the UK had been recently amended to give all workers the right to request flexible working hours including the right to work from home. The ruling sought to extend the benefit to the workforce at large beyond just the new parents it earlier applied to and the expectation is this will create a happier workforce.

It’s been said that a happier workforce is a more productive workplace – this may well be true but our own belief is that it will make it even more important than before to measure the efforts being put in. The office is not free of distractions and the home is likely to be even more so – measuring the time an employee spends on tasks will help them identify areas of possibly unseen slippage and to improve themselves. There is no denying that employees have to be trusted but as Ronald Reagan famously said “Trust but verify.”

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