Productivity Improvement | 03.20.2014

You’re Not Superman, but Batman!

“Just leave me alone, I know what I have to do”!

Is this something you recollect saying to your mom or your boss (in your mind ofcourse) every time they pin point your work or keep giving constant small time feedback?

Initially it is intimidating but then later you realize that they made sense and you wish you had already done it. In the midst of all our plan and passions we forget to evaluate ourselves and thus leave a very small room for improvement. If continued, it impacts our learning and in turn impacts our execution.

Research says the more we pile on ourselves like Superman, the more we are going to forget. Every day won’t be ‘Doomsday’ for us, if we soon understand concepts like

  • How distractions weaken our power to recollect
  • The harder we try to cover area, we will end up compromising on depth
  • The inability to find the time zone of our peak performance

As Batman, imagine a virtual Robin who would mirror your work patterns and with the analytics he gives, you can deduce strategies on improving your performance. He would not only help improve work statistics but will constantly challenge ourselves considering the extra time we will have made after squeezing the most work out of the least time. He will assist in planning the day in such a way that execution is actually 100% and not ending up having the Tuesday plan as ‘complete Monday’s tasks’!

I think with the introduction of Robin, Batman has definitely surpassed Superman in all spheres and he is definitely not dying at the hands of the ‘Joker’.

For me my Robin has been the Sapience tool and I have personally gained in efficiency and have been outperforming ever since.

I would love to know if you have a Robin that keeps you on your toes and simultaneously keeps you happiness quotient high.