Productivity Improvement | 01.30.2014

Kitna deti hai

Amit and his wife Anuja both worked in reputed IT firms. They had bought a new house last year and were expecting a baby soon.

To secure their financial needs they had wisely decided to cut down their luxuries and impulse expenses and were focusing on needs. Amit was going through lot of challenging time these days .Since Anuja was on maternal leave, Amit was solely handling both household shopping and office work. With budget and cost cutting being the aim, a price obsessed Amit used his negotiation skills with every street vendor as well. “bhaiya,kitne me diya ?”,”120 ka 100 mein de do?” and similar kind of questions were on his mind once he left the office. From groceries to vegetables, from car mileage (famous “kitna deti hai” ad from Maruti Suzuki) to cosmetics, budgeting was the thing which kept on his mind.

One day at the office canteen with his colleagues he got to know that their company is implementing a tool which will capture the time and effort spent by the employees. The overall tone was it’s a monitoring tool and it will impact user’s privacy as well. Amit also felt the same and it added up to his concerns. Rising costs, increasing responsibilities, single income and now this monitoring thing at office made Amit grouse.

Amit was upset and Anuja realized it. She made a coffee and asked him about his day if anything was wrong. Amit told her about the new tool which was going to get implemented and its cons.”Wow! that was much needed” reacted Anuja with excitement. Amit didn’t expect such reaction. He had thought that she will echo his colleague’s thoughts as to how it will impact them. Anuja, an IT professional herself had different thoughts on it. “Amit, it is a boon for cases like me. Now I can work from home so that my manager can rely on me. Also few female friends of mine had said that they would really need a tool which will show her work pattern as they were sometimes questioned about always leaving at 6pm. They were compared with other male members who spent their time in office till late night.”

”But how can they ask for how time I’m putting on different applications? “Amit was still upset and was questioning the intent of the organization.

“Don’t you ask your car vendor, yeh car kitna deti hai?”Anuja laughed and said.

“It is my right as I’m paying for it and I need best thing for my family“ said Amit

“Exactly! There you go. What’s wrong if your company wants to know its employees work pattern? Their intent is also good. See, they are not questioning anyone’s ability but work method. I don’t feel there is anything wrong in it. Imagine yourself into their shoes and tell me.” Anuja replied.

“Hmm…I agree. Thanks dear for other side of the picture “Amit accepted the point after thinking for a while.

Teasing Anuja, he says “In an argument with one’s wife, which one to choose, To Win or To be Happy? I gladly choose to be Happy