To Trust or Not – is the question?
Blog | 01.03.2014

To Trust or Not – is the question?

“Mr. Mathur, we have analyzed the employee swipe-in and swipe- out details and observed that on average, users are taking 10-12 breaks.

Assuming 10min per break the organization is losing almost 1.5 to 2 hrs of productive time. To diagnose the behavior we suggest you to implement a productivity improvement and time capturing tool which will help to figure out the ON PC time and Away time. We have created a simulation model to display the results with various parameters that would impact organization productivity.” Mr. Khanna, from MCG (Mavericks Consulting Group) put forth his view in front of Mr. Mathur (Senior VP, Maverick Industries). MCG had done their job by dealing with numbers, data and coming out with a few solutions one of being the productivity improvement tool. Mr. Mathur had assumed that on an average a user might be taking 4-5 breaks for lunch, coffee, smoke etc. but was surprised with the findings.

“Thanks Mr. Khanna! I will surely think over it and decide whether we should implement the productivity improvement tool to achieve the objectives. It was nice meeting you.” Mr. Mathur, replied.

The initiative was to find out average team level productivity by deploying a time capturing tool at every employee’s desktop/laptop. At this point Mr. Mathur faced the moment of truth. On one hand he had to figure out how much productive his employees are and on other hand he is uncertain about his employee’s perceptions.

Mr. Mathur thought over it at length and since he was convinced with the product, he opted to have a team meeting to figure out the reasons behind number of breaks. He made sure that his intentions and objectives are clearly conveyed and also the employees are taken into confidence before starting any initiative.

Since he shared a good rapport with his subordinates it became easy for him to make a point about the tool deployment. Few employees did question Mr. Mathur if they don’t trust employees.

One of the outspoken employee told Mr. Mathur that since all the non-work related websites and chatting tools are blocked we take a break. Employees unknowingly extended their breaks either due to a heated discussion on politics, sports etc. or waiting for their colleague to join.

Being a manager and rather decision maker Mr Mathur‘s skills were tested. He thought for a moment and found that it is partly a valid reason. He announced that during the pilot phase all the non-work URLs like, will be opened up for the users, by stating “I believe you all are mature and understand that freedom comes with responsibilities”.

Since it was trust that they sought from the management, they agreed to support the pilot wholeheartedly. The employees accepted the fact that with freedom come responsibility and they should adhere to it.

Today Mr. Mathur is successfully carrying out Sapience pilot for past 1 month. The result of this initiative is yet to be seen, but the first step with good intention matters.

Employees felt that management did not trust them, but the management listened with open mind, and responded in the best interest of employees without breaching that fine line of trust, rather bolstering it by treating them as responsible mature adults!