Productivity Improvement | 09.17.2013

Working women, get rid of the guilt!

Hey girl, I’m just like you,  a family lady who constantly stretches herself to meet both ends – family happiness and success at workplace.

My name is Gauri. We are a family of three; me, my husband and our adorable 4-year old daughter. I work for InSync Pre-Media Pvt Ltd. My aspiration is to make it big at work, even as 50% of my time is dedicated to juggling the responsibilities of a mother and a home-maker. My work and my family are equally important to me. I can’t afford to underperform in any of these roles, can I?
Any weekday is a whirlwind of tasks for me. My husband does his best to help me out, but let’s face it, women are much better at handling the home-front. It starts with managing the breakfast/lunch for the day, dropping my kid to school, commuting to work, handling a variety of tasks in the office, rushing back to pick up my kid from the daycare and trying to complete as many home chores as possible once home. Phew!! Boy, I wish there were at least 28 hours in a day!
Compromising on my performance at work amidst all this is not an option for me. Thank God that our company has very recently implemented Sapience, a business transformation tool.
Until Sapience, it was difficult to keep track of how my time in office was being utilized. Now, it is like a constant companion assuring me that I’m doing complete justice to my job and most importantly, my seniors know it. With Sapience, I can indulge in spending wholesome time with my family without going on a guilt trip 🙂
My kid is fond of springing surprises on me with colds, coughs, fever etc popping up when least expected. The fluctuating weather conditions make it only worse. Just yesterday, she had a bad fall at the daycare and got a swelling on her forehead the size of a cricket ball. I’m sure such incidences are part and parcel of your lives too.
Now, imagine a situation where it is absolutely imperative that you stay home and yet, there are deliverables that can’t be delayed. Good for you if your boss takes your word that you will work diligently from home. But would it not be super nice to have an objective record of your effective utilization of time while you worked from home? It sure would reinforce your credibility.
Sapience has proved to be a boon for me in many such times. Not only can I manage my home–front but also ensure that my work doesn’t suffer. And there’s more – now my after-hours work and work done over the weekends too gets noticed.
In fact, the CEO and other heads of our organization have specifically applauded Sapience for immensely benefiting its women employees like me by allowing them the freedom to work from home. It has made our lives so much easier. Believe me, when you know that all your sincere efforts can be seen in the form of factual data by your boss, it’s half of your battle won! When you have Sapience to vouch for you it is as good as working in the office itself. Sapience speaks for my efforts, creating transparency like never before.  It serves to my benefit as a mirror to my work habits, driving total scope for improvement wherever applicable.
Hmm, I wish I could get Sapience for my home as well so I will know if I’m using my limited time at home correctly or not 🙂
Well, you never know, the company might eventually come up with something like this for personal use too. How cool would that be!