Blog | 03.11.2012

May I Work from Home Part 2 of 2

In part 1, we reviewed the typical objections to a request for working from home, and yet the rising trend of companies supporting the policy. We also talked about how ‘work from home’ requires the maturity and self-discipline to ensure that this kind of freedom is respected and balanced with proper accountability. But self-discipline alone won’t work because of the complexity of our work patterns.

What’s the solution? We need an external system in place which provides us with automated insights into the time we spend at work – whether in office or while at home.

The CEO and Vice Chairman and Zensar was recently interviewed in this article –, excerpts below.

Speaking on its “work from home” model, Dr Natarajan said Zensar is likely to introduce the initiative around May this year at its Pune and Hyderabad centres. The initiative would allow employees to work from home. Payments would be output specific. A pilot project in this regard has already been tried out in Pune.

“We are building our technology, and security systems are being put in place. We have already tied up with a Pune-based company, Sapience, for installation of the system,” he said. Nearly 30 per cent of its new recruits would follow the “work from home model”.

According to Dr Natarajan, the model would help reduce costs in the long run and might add to an increase in employee output.

Zensar is initiating a very unique model, at least for this part of the world. It is a win-win for both employee and employer.

Employees gain as follows:

  1. No commute
  2. Work at his convenience
  3. More quality time with family
  4. Enjoy comfort of his home

Properly managed, the company too benefits as below:

  1. Reduced overhead on office space, utilities, refreshments etc. It costs at least Rs 10,000 per person per month at work
  2. Less transportation cost – fewer % of employees need to be picked up and dropped off
  3. Increase in employee satisfaction and output

The only debatable point is the “increase in work output”. This can be obtained with the help of  Sapience – which is a software solution that is designed for the enterprise. It provides automated work visibility, while respecting and protecting individual privacy. With Sapience deployment, there is complete transparency about the quantum and quality of work hours between the employee and managers. It delivers the big picture about work trends, while leaving it to each individual and team to ensure reasonable work output.

Sapience acts like a mirror to your own work. An employee can consciously reduce distractions while working and thereby delivering more productive hours at work.
Facts are the key to self-improvement. As NR Narayana Murthy of Infosys famously said, “At Infosys, we believe only in God, everyone else must bring data”.