How to Effectively Manage a Distributed Team ?
Blog | 12.17.2012

How to Effectively Manage a Distributed Team

A distributed team or a cross-functional team is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries but are linked through well-established loops of communication technology. However, managing distributed teams is a difficult people management process. Therefore, maintaining a healthy workflow among the distributed teams spread across multiple projects is a challenge to the management

In order to increase the distributed teams’ overall successful outcome, it is essential that the management facilitates enough flexibility among them, even if they have a scattered presence. Organizational strategies for managing distributed teams should include specific fundamental ideals relating to teams working in an untraditional manner. Moreover working with distributed teams provides better advantages on increased productivity, extended market opportunity and scopes for better knowledge transfer. The distributed teams can be managed better if following steps are followed:

Focusing on the Most Important Goals

The successful achievement of the important goals in an organization depends on the prioritization of the work to be done first that contributes to the overall achievement in the first place. Organization’s management is supposed to constantly focus upon the correct execution of events so that no team has to wait for inputs from the other causing a delay in the whole process.

Keeping the Team Members Aware of the Deadlines

The distributed teams are never centralized and that’s why keeping them up to date with every new change in the existing schedules must be ensured well. The management must have specific ways for ensuring the notifications on new schedule the teams instantly receive changes so that they do not lag behind while chasing deadlines along with other teams.

Encouraging Collaboration amongst your Distributed Teams

Every organizational task requires honest collaboration of the involved team members and seamless exchange of valuable ideas that arise amidst the process of the work. The management should ensure that the constant flow of collaborative efforts amongst all team members happens on a regular basis, and each team should be aware of the developments in the other team so that they can act proactively to avoid any downfalls.

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