Blog | 11.15.2012

3 Ways to improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the willingness and involvement of the employees to work for the success of an organization by devoting most of their focus and abilities. Let us understand the levels of employee engagement using the following illustration:

“The Employee Engagement Life Cycle”

The business organizations that have highly engaged employees respond proactively to all kinds of competitive challenges and attain continued success. The engaged employees can improve a variety of critical business aspects of an organization, which include customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Employee engagement is becoming one of the top strategic priorities for business organizations these days. An engaged workforce can be linked to retention and can prove to be highly beneficial but a disengaged workforce can cost an organization extreme loses. The overall employee engagement is an important issue of today’s business organizations for which the leadership of every organization is required to devote a healthy amount of attention. The following steps can help the employers to increase the employee engagement in their organisation:

Recognizing The Efforts Of Your Employees

Recognizing the efforts of the employees is very critical for maintaining positive employee morale. The employees always look out for timely recognition for their efforts to obtain a feel good factor, which motivates them to perform up to their highest potential.

Remove roadblocks that hinder achievement

The employees should be given ample attention, and their performance should be monitored from time to time so that the management can identify the issues that the employees are facing in relation to their tasks. This activity will strengthen the internal communication between the employees and the management, which eventually will lead to development of employee skills and will improve their engagement at work.

Guiding The Performance by Effective Feedback

The employee performance has to be used as an effective tool for designing the future path of the employee. The employers need to assess employee performance in a transparent manner and should craft out honest but constructive feedback for the employees so that they understand that the employers have an interest in their development. This inculcates the feeling of reciprocating with improved engagement and performance within the employees.

We at Sapience well understand the intricate relationship between employee productivity and employee engagement.

“Employee Engagement and Productivity go Hand in Hand”

Our product excels in performing Smart Effort Analytics, which gives a number of parameters as work facts in form of Time spent on Key Activities, Actual time on work versus time in Office, Time on Private Activities and Offline time as well. These parameters allow the managers to judge the engagement and performance levels of the employees; it also helps in finding the root cause of any issues that the team or the employees are facing so that the managers can take necessary interventions.

Overall, Sapience allows the managers to make well-informed decisions, and helps the organisation to maintain a workforce that is engaged in their work for longer periods of time. Sapience has found rapid acceptance at 35+ customers and 20,000+ users in just one year. Try our 30-day trial for up to 100 users. Please contact us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com or https://sapienceanalytics.com/try-sapience