Are you building Self-Organized Teams in your Organization?
Blog | 11.15.2012

Building Self-Organized Teams Inside Your Organization

A Self-organized team has a typical style of working where they define a systematic structure or pattern of work within the organisational framework without a central authority imposing it through a planned process. Self-organized teams are driven forward by the energy and passion to organize their own work and contribute collectively in the overall growth of the organization. Let us have a glimpse over the differentiating aspect of a self-organised team through the illustration
“The Management and Self Organised teams: A Smart Symbiotic Relationship”
As the illustration suggests, the unique aspect about self-organized teams is that they do not entirely depend on the management interventions, as their aim is to keep the team aligned to the right track of organizational progress. In this manner they save the valuable time of the management. The working style of a self-organized team depends upon their fundamental principles such as collective distribution of control, dynamic performance adaptability under different situations and accountability.

The members of self-organized team are flexible and responsive by nature within the organization’s functional structures. The members of self-organized teams are highly proactive and take onus of their own work. These traits make self-organised teams become more accountable towards their responsibilities. Moreover, with such an inspired way of working such teams lead to inculcation of innovation in the organization.

The management associated with a self-organized team, only needs to support and evaluate the overall progress of the team. The management pre-dominantly works towards providing better scope of opportunities, and removing any obstacles, if at all the team is facing any, while executing their activities.

In a nutshell, Self-organized teams develop a reflexive organization where people themselves figure out how to complete the required assignments in a perfect way. The benefits that could be drawn out of a self-organized team include higher productivity, greater space for innovative ideas to immerge and flexibility for implementing organizational framework. A properly selected team develops a collective wisdom while developing a work culture that is conducive of constant learning and development.

With the advancement in technology, there are products available, which can aid the development of such teams and help the management as well as the team members to keep a track of their goals and objectives in a long run. Our product Sapience is one such unique application, which helps in optimizing the efficiency and productivity of each team member as well as the performance of the team

“Sapience: The Perfect Liaison between Self-Organised Team and Organisation’s Management”
It gives the team members as well as the management the holistic picture of the activity mix, the performance levels and the capacity utilisation. With the help of automated work facts the management is able to keep a track of their functioning on a macro level, and the team members can closely track the execution status so as to improve upon any slackness developed in the process. Thus Sapience plays an active role in keeping such teams gelled together by keeping them aware about the actual productivity and efficiency giving them evidence based background on where they need to improve. Sapience has found rapid acceptance at 35+ customers and 20,000+ users in just one year. Try our 30-day trial for up to 100 users. Please contact us at or