Are You Building An Effective Work Team?
Blog | 11.01.2012

Building the Most Successful, Effective Work Teams

An effective team can be defined as a high performing, well organized, accomplished and highly disciplined group of members that works for the overall success of the organization. The effective team building skills of an organization’s management determine the overall growth of the entire organization with the accomplishments over successive projects or assignments.

Organizations promoting teamwork create more meaningful work environments leading to greater accomplishments and greater productivity. Project execution and delivery fail for sure when the team does not bond enough to form one cohesive unit.

For building and an effective team the management should be aware about the potential of the teams in representing all the disciplinary functionalities of the organization. They should be able to recognize significant weak spots in the way the teams work, so that they can intervene wherever possible and help the team to give an edge to the organization in handling its progress towards the goals.

The following measures can certainly help the management in building an effective work team:

Being Clear with the Expectations: Communication in a work team is the process of imparting important information by different methods and mediums so that the expectations are consistently clear.  The management needs to be precisely clear about mission & vision of the company, the performance expectations from the employees. A clear communication here lays the foundation for the employees to work towards their personal as well as organizational goals.

Judge and Encourage the Commitment of Team Members: Commitment of the team members defines their dedication to the cause of organizational goals. The inclination of team members to work together effectively should be strategically controlled by the management by valuing and recognizing their work. However along with recognition, providing them with growth opportunities within the organization helps in establishing a perfect mindset.

Establishing an Effective Feedback System: The practice of providing honest and constructive feedbacks to the work team helps the management to establish clear working relationships with the employees. The feedback should convey the improvement areas that the employees need to work upon and also provide an open forum where the employees can express their issues.

Coordination by Leadership: The leadership should aim towards synchronizing the efforts of team members for a unified action in pursuit of organizational goals. The leaders need to work closely with the team members, micro and macro managing them whenever required. The management should work on a pro-active approach, primarily aiming to tap the full potential of the employees.

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