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Blog | 11.01.2012

Are Your Employees Committed to the Organisation Goals?

Employee commitment can be stated as the degree to which employees are bound emotionally or intellectually to the organization. The management wishes that the employees share a strong commitment to the organisation’s goals & objectives as this commitment enhances the employee engagement at work. However the intended improvement in the employee commitment levels requires new approaches which the organisation has to carry out periodically.

In order to keep the employee commitment levels high the organisation needs to keep the employee motivated at work. A motivated employee understands his/her responsibilities well and is always ready to walk an extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and gains in organisation’s profit. The following processes have to be put into place if the management is looking for a strong employee commitment:

Creating Ideal Work Environment:  The organization’s management should work towards creating a perfect work environment where the employees find it is easy to implement their skills in the correct direction. The work environment should foster the inculcation of best practices and innovation so that the employees tend to work with a desire for achieving excellence.

Helping Employees Realize Their Responsibilities: The more the employees realize how their work affects the business outcomes of their organization the more carefully they will perform their respective responsibilities. This is only possible when their roles, responsibilities and objectives are clearly communicated to them. Apart from this, inculcating autonomy at work helps the employees to take control of the work they do and keeps them engaged thus keeping the motivation and commitment levels high.

Challenge Under-Performance:  The leadership is supposed to develop an open communication strategy where they can convey the under-performance of an employee in a constructive manner. The managers should be more inclined towards giving the employees key inputs  on how they can improve their performance and reach the internal benchmarking levels set by the organisation.

Motivating Employees with Appreciation: One of the greatest secrets behind keeping the employees constantly motivated is appreciation. If the employees do not get the required and timely appreciation they gradually start feeling that their work is not valued and they start developing a casual approach towards their responsibilities. Henceforth the management should implement a process of periodic appreciation based on specific employee performance indicators.

Now in order to set up these best practices the organisation can take help of technology too. Our product sapience is a patent pending software solution that performs Smart Effort Analytics which gives the top management a reflection into the daily working pattern of the employees which acts as an indicator of the commitment level of the employee to his/her work. It allows the managers to take various strategic decisions such as setting performance goals, work re-distribution, performing root cause analysis for problems related to employee productivity and also helps them to analyse the employee performance levels for timely appreciation. To learn more write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com