Efficient Workload Management for Enhanced Productivity
Blog | 10.29.2012

Efficient Workload Management for Enhanced Productivity

Workload management is the process of effective workload distribution which is crafted to enable the employees to achieve optimal performance and productivity levels. A balanced distribution of workload helps the management of an organization to enhance the productivity of their existing workforce.

Lately, organisations have been found struggling in terms of managing the workload of their workforce. The workforce of every organization in the IT services industry is often found overwhelmed with too many deadlines to be met within a limited span of time. With the ever increasing workload the employees become more susceptible to stress and burnouts which impacts the productivity of the organization.

Henceforth, the organizational productivity and growth needs to be ensured by strategically managing the work distribution which is predominantly done at the managerial level as well as the execution of the workload which is the onus of the employee as to how well s/he can manage his/her deliverables. The following points can help the organization to efficiently manage the workload distribution in order to maintain a healthy and contented working force.

Planning for efficiency: The organization should follow a strong planning process and calculate accurate estimations by keeping all their strengths & weaknesses in mind. A successful plan based on current facts and future estimations gives the management a beforehand edge in deciding the work distribution. Moreover it prepares them for any unwanted circumstances. Therefore the workload distributed on grounds of a solid plan helps both the managers and employees to assign and execute tasks effectively.

Being clear with the expectations: Workload management for attaining high productivity is only successful if the organization clearly addresses the performance expectations to the employees.  It is necessary for the management to define the organizational priorities  of the employees by giving them a clear idea on what they need to achieve and how their performance will be judged. The clarity on these aspects helps the employee to effectively manage their deliverables by giving appropriate time/effort as it requires.

Appropriate Prioritization: Speaking of how well the employee is able to execute his/her tasks it has been observed that while working on multiple tasks the employees struggle with prioritization. The employees fail to give apt time/effort to the tasks and are often found struggling to finish their deliverables. In order to prioritize their tasks effectively employees need to understand the complexity of their deliverable and assign apt frame in their working hours where they find themselves most productive.

Apart from these tips the organisations can always take the aid of technology in order to manage their workforce and their workloads. Our product Sapience comes with a unique smart effort analytics application which provides a detailed course of action of that the employee has taken in a day. This information as objective work facts is made available to each employee as well as their managers. This work effort analysis with high degree of automation provides the enterprises with accurate information about the working patterns of the workforce which is helpful in managing the workloads of individual employees as well as the teams. To know more write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com