Blog | 10.09.2012

Boost Your Profitability With Employee Work Autonomy

Do your employees like work autonomy or do they prefer to work meekly under your instructions? Past studies have revealed that enabling employees with autonomy in their work will transform organizational success.
Work autonomy is a useful tool for employees, which provides them the freedom to decide their course of action for their deliverables. They are endowed with the power to decide the timeline for their work including the time and effort required for each task .When employees are entrusted with work autonomy, they are fully responsible for their actions and answerable to their team and managers.  They set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them, while being macro managed by their manager. The end result is higher job satisfaction and better work productivity which means higher employee retention and increased profitability.
Today, more and more CEOs are realizing the immense potential of work autonomy and implementing it in their organizations. Below are some of the benefits of employee work autonomy:
Higher Employee Motivation: A motivated workforce is a boon to an organization. When employees are given the authority to choose what they want to do, it also motivates them to perform well. They will take initiatives and take ownership of their work. Also, their work will be characterized by commitment and a sharp zeal to prove their capabilities.
Employee Development: Work autonomy acts as a catalyst for employee development process. Since every employee is held accountable for his/her own deliverables their managers get to know their strengths and weaknesses as they progress. This knowledge enables the managers to guide the employees and give them a very specific feedback so that they develop their skills progressively.
Creates Transparency and Consensus: Work autonomy facilitates open communication between employees and employers. Project goals, deliverables and individual roles are discussed candidly, with employers seeking advice and suggestions from their subordinates. Employees, on their part, come forth with their ideas and opinions. Such a clear, linear communication ensures that decisions arrived at are not static decisions but accepted by all consensuses.
Our product Sapience is an innovative patent-pending solution which , through its cutting-edge, innovative features like automated work visibility at every level of the organization, delivers significant work output gains from your existing work teams. Through insightful real time reports, it provides information on project status and employees’ effort and time input.  This helps business leaders to have a look at the big picture and also enables micro-management so as to evaluate each employee’s skill sets, their specific strong & weak areas. Business enterprises can use this useful knowledge to grant their employees certain level of work autonomy to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. To know more, please write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com