Are your Time/Effort Estimations accurate?
Productivity Improvement | 10.03.2012

Are You Too Busy to Be Productive?

Being busy is both good and equally bad for you. It means that you have genuine work to do at your job, or that your to-do list is full of important tasks screaming for attention and you are not managing them effectively. Well, recent studies have found that being excessively involved only in work can severely impair your work efficiency and your overall productivity. Here is the flip side of being busy:

  1. Affects Long Term Planning: When you are busy with the task at hand you limit yourself, your energies and capacities only to those tasks, thereby sidetracking your future goals and objectives. While commitment to current priorities is commendable, you must also chalk out your course of action for your future – your career, personal and family needs and life in general. You cannot plan or see ahead when you have too much work on your hands.  In order to plan effectively you need to have a clear, uncluttered mind devoid of work worries and anxieties.
  2. Impairs Your Creativity: When was the last time you looked outside your office window and appreciated life outside? Or have you been too busy to even to take notice of things beyond your desk? When you are surrounded by office work, you tend to switch off your personal self and mute all your pleasures. Then end result is that you forget your creative side, which can come in handy in crunch times. Being creative or thinking differently gives you a new perspective; it enables you to work on your existing task with a fresh mind.
  3. Affects Your Physical and Mental Health: When you have too much to do in too little time, you experience mental anxiety which, when unchecked, can manifest into more serious complications later on. Similarly, when you can’t time off from work, you neglect your physical health too. You cancel your dental appointment, take self-medications for ailments and continue to work in spite of splitting headaches.

Conclusively, being busy to certain extent is all right, but being overloaded with tasks is not. With a little planning and prioritizing, you can considerably reduce the number of tasks on your hands and make your day stress free. Prioritize your work and first complete the top 3-4 tasks before moving on. Assess the time required for a particular recurring task and complete that task within that time frame without wasting a lot of time on it. Effective planning coupled with the right effort is bound to make you more efficient and generate good work output.

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