Blog | 09.28.2012

Are You a High Performance Organization?

Ideally a high performance organisation is an enterprise which is considered to be more successful than its competitors in areas such as profitability, customer service and strategy. An organisation can ensure high performance if it adopts and promotes the following simple practices which can revamp its functioning at all levels and propel the growth in the direction of unparalleled success.
Action-oriented Management: In order to achieve the status of a High Performance Organization the leaders should lead from the front, demonstrate exemplary decision-making skills to seek results and have a very clear vision for the future of their organization. They should strive to maintain a healthy, cordial and cohesive relationship with their employees, and should not hesitate to give them continuous and  candid feedback.
The CxOs in High Performance Organizations must consistently track the development course of their projects. They should not restrict themselves to the goal setting exercise only but should also intervene when necessary to resolve issues. This kind of proactive leadership will drive their team and will allow them to achieve a competitive advantage for their organizations.
Clear, Transparent Communication: An effective and uniform process of information exchange is another influential success factor of High Performance Organizations. Clear, concise and consistent communication should be promoted and practiced within the organization. This guarantees increased employee engagement and better work productivity.
Alleviate, Refine and Renew: In a High Performance Organization each employee at every level of the enterprise should strive for continued improvements to their work ethics and skill sets. The Unproductive strategies or processes should be discarded to make way for superior result-yielding methods.
In a nutshell, an organisation aspiring to deliver high performance should set realistic goals for  itself and also monitor how these goals are being met. The processes and practices should be constantly refined and renewed by gathering latest insights as they progress. This enables the organization to always stay on top in  its market segment and effectively combat competition.
Henceforth an organizations which has sound means to monitor and measure their work efficiency and productivity can slowly but surely transform into a High Performance Organization.
Our product Sapience is one such effort in this direction. It’s a “Smart Effort Analytics” tool, which provides detailed insights about the time/effort put by the employees and helps the management to assess whether right effort is being put on right activity so that the performance improves progressively. It provides data in form of objective work facts for every employee across the organisation, which promotes transparency in the work-related communication amongst the employees and the management.  Sapience facilitates transformations in your delivery capacity, time to market & profitability by providing  insights on Time Hygiene, Activity Mix and Capacity Optimization enabling the organisations to make well informed strategic decisions and turn into  High Performance Organizations in an appreciably short time span. To know more please contact us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com