Blog | 09.28.2012

For More Productivity, Improve Performance Management

Effective communication is a vital requisite of an organization’s performance management system. Inaccurate communication can severely impact the organization in a negative manner by hampering the execution process and can affect employee productivity as well. So, how can organizations maximize communication within their workplace? The answer is relatively simple. Encourage and practice the art of giving feedback and make the feedback process relative, continuous and periodic.

Giving feedback is an accepted general organizational practice, but usually organizations rely only on the traditional and one-time feedback process – the Annual Appraisal session. The purpose of Annual Appraisals is to assess employees’ actual work productivity against their expected performance over the year that has gone by.

However, there is a major drawback to this traditional method of providing feedback. Annual Appraisal sessions are held just once a year and in that one session employees are told how their performance was in a given project that was completed many weeks or even months ago. This feedback given much after the completion of the task will not benefit the employees as it is untimed and lacks clarity. Annual Appraisals indicate the highs and lows of an employee’s work graph, but do not allow him to amend the lows on a real-time basis. . Employers can offer skill improvement suggestions to their employees, but rarely does it allow the employees to implement them in real time.

In an ideal scenario employers should give continuous and timely feedback to their employees. An immediate feedback allows people to learn and assess their strengths and weaknesses at that point in the real time scenario. It allows them to make quick necessary changes to their project work plan, and enables them to make efficient & productive contributions to the organization.

Our product Sapience, with its ingenious Effort Evaluation and Analysis capability can track every employee’s effort and time input for a given project in real time. Project leads and managers can use this data to give feedback during the task itself . Employees can follow the suggestions, implement required changes and improvise their work schedule accordingly. This kind of quick and prompt feedback exercise occurring continuously helps organizations to improve internal communication, increase Work Productivity and Employee Efficiency and to successfully map their organizational success. To know more please write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com