Blog | 09.27.2012

Is Your Leadership Driven By Emotional Intelligence?

The foundation of the success of every  organization is laid on the interrelationship between the leadership and the employees; it is a kind of symbiotic relationship where both of them look for  the all round development of the other.

The leaders expect the employees to adapt to the work place culture and work by aligning their personal aspirations with the goals and objectives of the organisation. On the other hand the employees expect their leaders to be more aware of their needs guide them from time to time for their progressive improvement.

In this give-and-take, leadership plays a crucial role and any less contribution from the top management can affect the morale and productivity of employees.

The leadership of any organisation needs to have a strong emotional intelligence to back the way they operate as it makes them more efficient in managing the employees.  This ensures desired outcomes for their employees and the organisation as a whole. Emotional intelligence at workplace is an art of combining positive emotional impulses, personal & interpersonal skills and workforce competencies together for achieving success. The following practices, if followed, can prove beneficial.

Leading Employees With Significance: The leaders should be proactive while addressing the needs of their employees. They should watch out where the employees are excelling as well as lagging so that they can be mentored to grow further. Employees who deliver outstanding performances should be rewarded to let them know that their efforts and contributions are valued.

Self-Managing Yourself As A Leader And Being Accountable: Leaders are more accountable when they follow the same rules of engagement that are expected from the employees as it builds on to the trust. Moreover they have to be aware about their own strengths and weaknesses as these factors impact how they manage the team.

Being Sensitive to Employee Performance: It is important for leaders to remember that everyone has the ability to improve his or her performance. Therefore the leaders should have a primary aim of tapping the full potential of the employees. This can be  quite comprehensively done by giving honest, timely recommendations and feedbacks.

Now, for any leader to be able to successfully follow the above practices, she/he would require a support system that can provide him/her ample leads into making informed decisions. Our product Sapience does the same; it’s a Smart Effort Analytics application that depicts how significantly a person is contributing to fulfill the set of deliverables and responsibilities assigned to him/her across the enterprise. In short, it measures the time/effort put in by the employees, shows them a detailed analysis and gives the users a basis for improving their performance over time. The leaders can very well use the generated data, which is in form of objective work-facts, and use them as a basis for employee recognition, improvement feedback process. To know more about us, please write us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com