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Blog | 09.26.2012

How to create a meaningful workplace?

Every organisation owns a talent pool and an intellectual capital of its own. However,  organizations struggle to make the most out of their workforce and as a result turn into ineffective workplaces. Ideally, a meaningful workplace ensures better performance, optimal quality and a healthy bottom line; but for this to happen, the organizations need to engage its their resources to do the right things at the right time.

The most necessary  factor for creating a meaningful workplace is an effective two-way relationship between the management and employees, at team as well as individual level. Once the employees and their skills are valued they respond back to the organisation more dedicatedly.

The following initiatives can be taken up by an organisation in order to create a meaningful workplace:

Drafting Macro Plans: Macro Planning is all about putting forth the business’s structure, policies, and procedures as a big picture. This  helps  identify ways to better align workforce capabilities and expertise in order to achieve the benchmarks determined by the management.

Drafting Team Plans: Every organisation needs to have quality internal programs for developing effective teams. The management should be sensitive about the team size, team’s time hygiene of the team, and their engagement towards work. The aim should be to develop a common ground amongst the team members regarding the performance levels in terms of time and quality.

Drafting Individual Plans: Every employee in an organisation has to be moulded according to the interests of the company, based on his individual skills and expertise. An organisation needs to adopt a policy to pay attention towards every individual employee’s skills as well as weaknesses. This will keep them motivated and satisfied in their work and encourage them to put in their best.

In a nutshell, the changing business trends have made organisations to collaborate with employee aspirations and create a supportive workplace culture by emphasising more on right actions that benefit both the employee and the organisation. In this manner the organisations ensure that employees become more aligned to its their strategies and look at them as an opportunity to improve their individual skills.

Now, in order to  effectively implement the plans mentioned above, every organisation needs to have an insight into the way the employees are working towards their goals and objectives, whether the time & effort is being spent on the right places or not. Our product Sapience comes in as the perfect partner for the organisations to support and follow up these plans. It performs Smart Effort Analytics, which provides a detailed analysis of the course of action that the teams or individual employee have taken in a day, which indicates their contribution to the set goals and performance standards.

Moreover, it helps in reaching out the root cause of existing problems in the process so that they can be resolved at the earliest thus helping to create an effective and a meaningful workplace. To know more about us, contact us at