Blog | 09.25.2012

Vigilant Leaders Follow These Three Workplace Practices

A Leader’s role in the organisation is same as that of a Captain of a ship, as it is his/her steering abilities, which decides where the organisation is moving. As leaders they always have to be agile and have a keener look at the activities happening around them.

However, there are certain areas leaders tend to ignore or are not able to comprehend enough to classify them as potential risk to the organisation. The one area, which tops the list, is the inability to assess, measure and improve the productivity of the employees in the organisation. The leaders fail to recognize the impact of the below mentioned practices which affect the work output and productivity of the employees working in the organisation in a negative manner.

Under communication of Organisation’s Strategies

The leaders need to communicate the strategies, which are to be executed in the project very clearly to the team involved. This step creates the foundation over which the whole project plan and activity is carved out. If these details are not sent across in an effective manner the employees fail to get sensitized about the approach that is to be followed for successful project execution.

Poor Addressing of the Employee’s Performance Expectations

In order to achieve the desired output the leaders need to communicate the performance expectation they have from their employees in an objective manner. When leaders fail to do so it becomes difficult for the employees to define their course of action, which they need to follow in order to match the expectations.

Stagnant Employee Performance Levels

Leaders need to constantly work upon improving the capacity and reducing the limitations of their team by mentoring them and shaping their mindsets for absolute teamwork and cooperation. The leaders need to focus on both top performing employees and the bottom ones so as to create the right opportunities for both of them. Top performers are required to be supported, leveraged, kept involved and challenged in order to get the most out of their ability. While dealing with the low performers leaders should be able to figure out the true reasons behind their failure and than work on accurate performance improvement plan.

Our product Sapience becomes the perfect liaison between the Leaders and the Employees, as it supports Leaders with smart analytical data, which gives them indicators about the risk areas related to Work Output and Productivity.

Sapience is an Effort Analytics Application that provides the Activity Mix of the employees in form of amount of time spent in different business activities and measures the contribution of the employees towards their responsibilities. It helps the leaders to analyse the current performance and set objective performance goals for the employees. Moreover, based on the data collected it differentiates the Top and bottom performing employees so that apt employee capacity development activities can be executed. To know more please contact us at sales@sapiecne.net