Are You Encouraging Self Discipline At Workplace?
Productivity Improvement | 09.21.2012

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Email Inbox?

Usually we use technology for simplifying our activities and automating processes at work – from sending a simple reminder to submitting an important file. But of late, it has come to light that technology, if not used in a sensible manner, ends up doing more harm than good, especially for senior level employees.

E-mail is one of the simplest examples where we can assess how a simple technological application can sway us from our planned course of action. Managers, Leads, Delivery Heads are grappling with the daunting task of responding to 20-30 emails that fill up their inbox every single day. The faster they clear their inbox, the faster it seems to fill up, leaving them with very little time for engaging in productive activities such as strategizing the growth and development of the organization.

So, we need to learn how to enforce technology as an enabler not a disabler. How do we do that? The answer lies in better time management. Here are a few tips that will help you in managing your time better:

  1. Difficult Tasks First, E-mailing Next: If opening your mailbox is the first thing you do when you reach your desk then change your routine. Make a mental note of the most important task on your To-do List and get started with it as the first action item . Do not let the pile of unread mails dissuade you.
  2. Break Your Tasks Before E-mailing Breaks Them: Important tasks need more time for completion and therefore call for undivided attention. The constant beeps keep on reminding you of an unread email and it usually jeopardizes your engagement with your tasks. Therefore, divide the large task into small portions, complete one portion of your task, use the time in between for responding to e-mails and then get back to completing the other portions.
  3. Give Attention, not over attention: We agree that responding to emails is a necessary part of business communication. Even if sometimes it  is an obligation, which you cannot evade it. However, you can surely cut down the level of attention you give to your inbox. Pay attention to your mails, but reduce your response time . Make a quick entry to and a quick exit from your mailbox. Lingering there for long stretches will imbalance your time management skills.

Apart from technological distractions such as e-mail and phone calls, other interactions like meetings and social interruptions also hamper productivity. Therefore the above-mentioned steps, if applied, can save a lot of our time and make us more efficient and productive.

Our product Sapience, a unique Effort Analytics Application makes this even simpler. It automates the Time and Effort data and provides detailed analysis, by using which, the users are aware of their exact time and effort spent in sending mails, attending calls & meetings and in productive work engagement. Everyday accurate information about the completed and the pending tasks lets employees the ground to streamline the working patterns. This facilitates the users to manage their time in such a manner that they are able to do more in less number of hours, thereby increasing the productivity To know more please write to us at