Blog | 09.21.2012

Meet your Project Deadlines with Sapience

In IT services industry every organization has to deal with the constant battle of meeting the deadlines; and for any project the success is dependent on how well the teams involved in the project handles the assignments within the expected deadline. If teams are able to meet their deadlines successfully then they are able to get a lot of benefits in terms of finances as it overall saves money, cuts costs, enhances resource utilization, and most importantly saves time.

However as we work on a number of projects on a day-to-day basis often we fail to meet our deadlines. The most prominent reason behind missing deadlines is the lack of strategic progress and planning, inefficient time management, and lack of focus, which causes the organisations to jump the deadlines. The below mentioned points if followed can prevent missing deadlines:

  • Set your baseline estimations correctly: Before starting any project the foundation has to be set right, therefore it is very essential to set clear estimations in collaboration with your team and the client. When you receive a project, always divide it into small milestones and mark deadlines for each milestone on the calendar keeping the client perspective into mind. The time estimations should be based on the task complexity, team capabilities and a buffer time for unforeseen events should also be included. The past experience in handling similar projects may come in handy here and the managers should always take a note of that while making estimations.
  • Move Ahead Strategically: The project planning and execution should be done keeping all the necessary ingredients in mind; as for any project the most necessary components are people, time, technology and money. The management should recognize the right technology platform, then select the right people for the right job to start with and then decide on the time and money required to ensure the project matches quality execution standards. The planning should be flexible enough to handle the urgent tactical demands that may rise occasionally during the journey of the project.
  • Communicate with Team Members & Monitor Daily Progress: Frequent communication with team members makes the whole team aware about the current scenario, and it facilitates the team to take preventive actions as soon as a problem is identified. The management should measure the daily progress to ensure that the project stays on the right track and does not head in a wrong direction.

The overall project planning and execution becomes easier when it is coupled with our product Sapience. Sapience is a smart Effort Analytics Application, which provides multi faceted data to help project planning, project execution, resource utilisation and improving time hygiene of all the users. It keeps a track of the efforts put in by the employees on a project over a period of time, which allows the managers to make near perfect estimations for similar projects. It allows the Project Management teams to track work efficiency as a metric indicative of operational  & management oversight and comparing actual effort with estimates.

Moreover, it provides the top management an illustrated set of data such as Time Hygiene, Activity Mix, and Capacity Utilisation Indicators, which helps them in managing the individual and team productivity to achieve high quality execution. To know more about us please write to us at