Are You Encouraging Self Discipline At Workplace?
Blog | 09.21.2012

Managers: Encourage Self Discipline in the Workplace

Self-discipline at the workplace is a positive effort which helps in developing set ways for our thoughts, actions and habits.  It is an art of self-control and self-reliance, which empowers a person to stick to his/her decisions and propels the individual towards achieving the set goals.

In order to succeed, organizations need to focus on promoting self discipline at work. The lack of self-discipline amongst employees often leads to stressful thoughts and negativity at work, resulting in the decline of the productivity of the individual as well as that of the organization. The managers need to understand that self discipline can not be learnt and implemented overnight as it takes a long time get into that mould.

An organization benefits when its employees start practicing self-discipline at work as it becomes less necessary for the managers to impose discipline externally. It encourages healthy professional relationships to thrive and creates an environment of dedication amongst the employees at work which results in combined personal, professional and organizational growth.

Managers can foster the development of self discipline amongst employees by practicing the following.

  • Lay down the Expectations Clearly: In order to encourage self-discipline at work,  organizations need to connect  actions of today with results of tomorrow.  For this, the employees need to be clear about their performance expectations so that they develop their focus towards achieving the end goals assigned to them.
  • Know what is going on with the people who report to you:  Good managers are always in sync with the work-related developments. They look  at the  bigger picture as well as micro manage  whenever required so that they can check  the employees as coaches and  direct them to do the right things, which will make them more prepared and disciplined for future.
  • Fan the Flame: The managers need to recognize the self-discipline initiatives taken by the employees; they need to propagate the result-yielding ideas implemented by the employees, and set them up as best practices.

While developing self-discipline requires a lot of effort and time, the presence of a tool might act as a catalyst in this process. Our product Sapience does the same; it’s a smart effort analytics application that captures the time/effort spent on various business activities and gives them a detailed analysis of their working patterns which helps them in improving their working styles and makes them more disciplined.

Moreover, it allows the managers to macro as well micro manage the employee activity, setting performance goals for them and mentoring them from time to time. Overall it gives more control over the work to the user, makes them more disciplined and engaged in their work.

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