Blog | 09.18.2012

Can Your Project Management Tool Improve Productivity

These days, organizations deal with several vital, high level projects and stringent deadlines. In order to get successful results, they have to be bang on in their project management initiatives and almost every organization tries to achieve this through various Project Management Tools.

It is no hidden fact that Project Management Tools help track project progress, monitor budgets, allocate resources, get timely notifications and manage projects effectively.  However, in these times of tight budgeting and increased client expectations, it is not just enough to manage a project successfully; you should also be able to quantify and measure your Time/Effort spent and the overall Work Productivity.

Now, the big question is “Does the project management tools that we employ give us the true picture behind the productivity of the organisation?” Well the answer is NO, the points mentioned below add more to the argument that project management tools fail to identify the grey areas and only give a holistic view.

Measures What and Where but How is ignored: Managers use Project Management Tools to draw up a detailed project road map. They are clearly aware of what tasks are supposed to be done, what is the current status in terms of task completion but what the PM tools fail to recognize that in what manner the employees utilised their time & effort on various activities,  or were the employees efficient and engaged in their work. This insight is crucial for the success of the project and for this managers need a high-end tool that automatically measures and reports individual’s and team’s task engagement as well as Time /Effort Productivity.

Doesn’t Aid Decision Making: A project plan undergoes innumerable changes once a majority of the tasks go into the risk category. At this juncture the project management tools fail to give any idea about what might be the probable problems, which led to this situation. Here the managers need a system, which can give lead indicators, which can help them to come out with a list of probable issues and do a root cause analysis
Disables Resource Planning: Project management tools usually do not  indicate the utilization levels of the resources, therefore managers are not aware of the over utilized and the under utilized resources. This lack of information hampers the successful project execution as they fail to maintain their team hygiene.

For every business organizations’ in the service industry the need of the hour is a support tool that will augment the project management process. Our product Sapience is one such patent-pending software solution that provides enterprises with accurate information on the Exact Time and Effort being put in by the team. With its insight-providing reports, Sapience enables the managers at all levels to know their company’s cumulative Work Effort at individual and team level to enable capacity utilisation. On personal front employees also improve their productivity by optimizing their activity mix. To learn more, please write to us at