Productivity Improvement | 09.12.2012

Time Management Gets the Most Out of Work Effort

Employees these days are found complaining about the lack of time they have for completing their tasks. They say that they are aware of the number and nature of tasks that they have to complete in a day; but they fail to execute them effectively. As a result, most tasks take longer time than expected and hence leave little or no time for other equally important tasks.

The fact is that we have an ample amount of time with us, but where we lack is the time utilisation and management. If we can make our working patterns more controlled and organised we can surely make the most out of the time available to us. The following tips might help you:

The time available with an employee can be categorized into Most Effective Time, Less Effective Time and Least Effective Time.

  • Most Effective Time: An employee’s most effective time is that time when s/he is at the   productive best. It could be early mornings, late afternoons or even late nights. It is that hour on the clock when his thoughts are clear, he is well focused, and s/he is in a positive frame of mind and feels energetic. Identify the top 3-4 most important tasks in your task list and include that in this time frame.
  • Less Effective Time: It is that time frame in an employee’s time schedule when his work productivity is much lower than the Most Effective time frame. Hence, it is best to schedule only those tasks under this time frame that are less demanding in effort and time. For e.g. you can use this time for having routine discussions regarding the projects with your team members
  • In-between Time:  These are those little gaps of time that one gets between two already scheduled tasks. Most often, employees do not put this time into useful activity because of its short duration. But, using these little gaps effectively can make your time management easier. A little research on the tasks that require attention during this frame of time can make a huge difference when you actually start working on those tasks later on.

Therefore, by making a priority list of your tasks and allotting different time frame according to each task requirement, you will be well informed about your goals and priorities at work. This in turn will make you better organized at work. Your task completion will be effective and your work productivity will be high.

Our product Sapience assists you as a savior in such circumstances. It’s a Smart Effort Analytics application that provides detailed analysis about the manner in which a user spent his time at work throughout a day and over a period of time. It captures the time the user spent on various activities at work and presents that data in form of an Activity Mix. This helps him in analyzing that how successful he was in spending the right amount of time on the right activity, thus helping him to make amendments if necessary.

Therefore it helps the users throughout the enterprise and helps them to improve their productivity.To know more about us please write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com