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Blog | 09.07.2012

Balancing Work-Related Stress with Employee Productivity

The modern work culture is very tough & demanding and it enforces the employees to consistently provide quick and feasible solutions to work issues. As a result employees find themselves under immense pressure to excel at work 24×7. This pressure over a long run induces high level of work related stress in them and when they are unable to cope with stress, it creates several negative implications for the employee’s and organization’s productivity.

Now in order to combat work related stress, the important pre-requisite is to know the warning signs of work-induced stress. The primary warning signs include losing confidence in your abilities, being unable to focus on work, reduced work engagement, increased effort time but decreased productivity, fatigue, and other physical ailments.

Managing stress at work is difficult and since today jobs are seen as a measure of employee self-esteem and identity, being at your mental, emotional and physical best is essential if you want to keep stress at bay. Here are some ways by which you can reduce the work related stress:

  • Maintain Work Life Balance:  When you feel that stress is affecting your personal life, health and emotional well being, then it is time for you to pay more attention to segregation of time between work and family. When you start involving yourselves into various feel-good activities away from work, it refreshes your mind, brings positivity, which ultimately boosts your focus and productivity at work.
  • Prioritize your daily tasks: An easy and result-oriented method to achieve self-control at work is by organizing your daily activities by prioritizing them as Immediately Important, Less Important and Important But Later. In this manner you are able to allocate time and effort to the tasks according to their priority, which allows you to finish work on time and reduces the stress levels.
  • Take appropriate breaks between work: Being at your desk for the entire day and constant thinking for longer hours reduces your clarity towards work. Therefore you should take regular short breaks as it helps in reducing mind fatigue and increases clarity of thoughts. However, you need to be mindful about avoiding short breaks extending to a longer period as it sways you away from what you have planned for the day.

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