The blind men and the elephant
Productivity Improvement | 09.05.2012

Are you profitable in Product Development Projects?

Global product companies or Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) are always under performance pressure. The ever-present challenges they face in the industry are increasing competition, market expansion, and race against time to hit the markets.

A number of challenges have cropped up due to global economic meltdown such as decreasing profitability and rising costs, which has put the providers under immense pressure to keep a track on the work output achieved by their employees as they are now looking for more from their existing team.

While executing  Software Development Projects, the vendors face a number of issues such as lack of effective communication between the client and the vendors, ineffective resource management, poor estimations about the task complexity and associated timelines. All these problems sum up and reduce the productivity of the individuals as well as teams working on the project.

Our product Sapience plays a key role in ensuring a successful product delivery with optimal quality. It’s a “Smart Effort Analytics” tool, which provides detailed insights about the time/effort put by the employees and helps the management to assess whether right effort is being put on right activity within the given timeframe.

It captures the time spent by each employee on a particular business activity to ensure that majority of the time is spent on top 3-4 activities, in this case it shows how much the Software Developers is contributing to development in a day and over a period of time, which allows the Managers to set performance goals for them so that they can help in achieving the desired outcome.

At the Team level, Sapience provides Lead Indicators for the under-utilized and the over-utilised teams. The data allows performing a root cause analysis, and reaching out to the immediate issues affecting the productivity of the team.

This facilitates the organizations involved in product development and its employees to adhere to the goals earmarked for them. Eventually, it helps them to deliver the product on time which ensures great profitability and high returns for the organizations.

One of our esteemed clients has this to say about our product Sapience:
“Our engineers work across two locations, and on multiple releases and projects. Sapience allows us to view and optimize exact Time Utilization and Actual Effort on projects, easily justifying our investment.” Uma Venkataraman, CEO, IxSight Technologies

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