Blog | 09.04.2012

How Strong Managers Stimulate Employee and Team Productivity

The foundation of an effective team is always laid by its manager. A manager with good team management skills facilitates his team to enhance individual performance  while boosting the team’s productivity as a whole. The manner in which teams work these days it influences their productivity as well as that of the organization  Lately organizations are  placing more emphasis  on collaborative team work for achieving high performance.

While managing a team, it is the responsibility of a manager is to ensure that each team member is on track and  progressing in the right direction. The manager should be able to induce the spirit of team work amongst the members, should keep an open channel of communication, provide effective feedback and maintain a healthy working environment.

Moreover, managers should focus on some basic factors, which influence the team member’s performance and productivity such as:

  • Goal Setting Exercise: An effective goal setting exercise always contributes to development of the team. The manager has to set realistic performance goals keeping the key business areas in mind. Having pre-defined goals set for the team members will  enable them to have a sense of purpose for working on the allotted tasks.
  • Timely Recognition: Timely recognition is a very basic and important practice that the managers need to focus upon. When team members do not get proper recognition, appreciation and performance based perks it lowers their morale and they start losing focus, which influences their performance and productivity.
  • Regular and Apt Feedback: The quality of communication that the managers have with  each one of their team members is of prime importance. A feedback is only effective when it is constructive and continuous. Moreover, feedback has to be specific so that the team member can relate it to the goals that s/he is supposed to achieve.

Our product Sapience acts as the best facilitator for the managers to manage their teams effectively. Sapience is a unique application, which executes smart effort analytics at every level in the enterprise. It captures and analyses the time/effort spent by each user on various business activities as an activity mix supported by objective work facts.

The managers can use the data to execute the goal setting exercise at individual as well as team level. It helps the managers to keep track of the top performers so that they can get  timely recognition. Moreover, the activity mix becomes a basis for the managers to give a clear and refined feedback, and the team member can also relate the feedback to his/her performance.

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