Blog | 09.03.2012

As CEOs, What Do You Do In Your First Few Hours at Work Every Day?

CEOs are meant to be the front-end drivers of an organization; their main role is to define and drive the organization’s mission and vision. Their primary focus is planning new strategies and directions, while effectively piloting the execution of the current business objectives. However, CEOs are often unable to prioritize their must-do tasks in the day, and tend to get more involved into less important operational functions.

The key to this problem lies in the manner in which they spend the first few hours of the day at work as it strongly impacts their level of productivity by setting the tone for the rest of the day. It is very crucial to set a routine right at the outset as it helps in having a good organised start to the day, which not only helps in achieving good results, but also leads to greater productivity. Therefore, to be productive,   CEOs need to spend the first few hours of  their day specifically on high impact tasks because it is during this time  that they are fresh and high on energy levels.

What to Avoid in the First Few Hours

Usually, it is a practice with the CEOs to check their e-mails at the beginning of their day. However, in the process they don’t realise is that replying to e-mails and subsequent reply chain affects their productivity negatively. E-mails do require attention, but it’s not so important that it needs to be done the very second they get to work.

Sometimes CEOs tend to spend a lot of time in project management and meandering meetings, which leaves them with no time for strategizing. Project management and meetings are definitely important, but setting up a priority for such tasks for only a fixed period in a day is very beneficial.

Similarly, sorting out disagreements amongst different teams, technology interruptions and drop-in visits adversely affect the productivity. Hence, it is imperative for CEOs to ensure that all their core tasks are completed before they participate in such activities, even if this means a bit of a delay in the latter.

Our product Sapience plays a perfect partner in assisting CEOs and all other users to view and analyze their working patterns. It performs Effort Analytics, which measures the time they have spent on various activities throughout the day; presenting a clear-cut analysis of how much time they have spent on important activities and on the those activities which could have been avoided. This greatly streamlines the work pattern of the CEOs and enables them to contribute effectively towards the core corporate objectives.

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