Productivity Improvement | 08.30.2012

The Impact of Distractions on Employee Focus and Productivity

Our ability to focus is one of the most important skills that we need to polish on a continuous basis in order to succeed. As a fact the more focused we are towards our work, the more we are productive and efficient, on the contrary when we work without being focused we spend significantly longer time on tasks with no considerable output.

Now, taking a usual day at office into account we find several pitfalls or occasions when we tend to lose our focus and when this routine goes on for longer duration it affects our productivity. The following are few of the many incidences that sway us from the ideal and desired course of action:

  • Multi-tasking: We often multitask at work and sometimes are proud of it, but what we don’t realize that switching between tasks takes a significant amount of time in getting to the point where you can begin to actually do efficient work by having the proper focus. Therefore, if multi-tasking cannot be avoided, we must ensure it is minimized.
  • Busy/Important Dilemma: We as humans always look for self-satisfaction, and we tend to believe that important people are always busy. Every time someone involves us in social or official interactions, it makes us feel a bit more important, and to satisfy it we indulge in such conversations. We fail to understand that keeping busy is not equivalent of being productive. Therefore we should make a conscious check on the interactions that might not be adding value to the tasks we have been doing as they dilute our focus and affect our quality of work.
  • Virtual Communication: Moving away from one-to-one or group conversations, all the tools we use for communication be it e-mails, IMs, etc. distract us one-way or the other. Practically their use cannot be stopped completely but it can be restricted and minimized while we are working on important stuff so that our focus does not gets swayed and our productivity is maintained.

The above practices are common and employees at every level of the hierarchy fall in trap and lose their focus often. In reality, it is very difficult to get an objective view on the time that is spent in such distractions.

Our product Sapience analysed this problem and came up with a unique solution, which keeps tabs on the time that employees spend on various activities. It provides data as objective work facts, which can tell you how much multitasking, is happening in your workday, so that you can optimise it. Moreover it helps you to analyse your working patterns and related productivity so that you can streamline your routines, fixed secluded hours for working on important tasks that need your constant focus. To know more about Sapience, please contact us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com