Blog | 08.29.2012

The What, How and Why of Workplace Flexibility Today

The changing trends in the market have given rise to the necessity of serving customers 24 x 7 with quality services. This has put the employees under constant pressure to deliver their best all the time, which affects their productivity in long run. Under these circumstances, Workplace Flexibility acts as a solution.

Workplace Flexibility is all about when, where and how employees work. It not only includes location independent working style, but also incorporates arrangement for flexible hours. These days, employees are being provided with tele-working, telecommuting, or work from home options, in order to fulfill their commitments towards their work.

Workplace Flexibility gives employees the opportunity to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. It also provides more freedom for organizing their job in a way that it can easily fit into their hectic lifestyles, thus making them work better and meet individual and business needs.

These days, employers are also encouraging workplace flexibility and enjoying benefits of reduced overhead of office space & utilities, transportation costs and increased employee satisfaction and output.

Now, the major challenges that businesses are facing with Flexible Working practices is to measure the effectiveness and productivity of the employees, while they are given the flexibility to work from anywhere anytime. How does an employer know – how much employee worked and what output is being produced; these issues are posing challenges for organizations that promote flexible working practices.

All these challenges can be taken care by establishing the right culture, procedure and technology. Sapience is a one-stop solution for all these problems. It automatically sources time spent on different applications, activities and projects, thus creating visibility and enabling employees to create a work-life balance. It helps organizations to achieve greater employee engagement and improved work focus and effort optimization. To learn more about this product, contact us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com.