Blog | 08.27.2012

Is your internal Benchmarking process effective?

The current IT industry scenario has changed a lot since the global economic turmoil, and because of that the customers in the IT services industry have become extremely vigilant in selecting the best service provider who can give them the maximum output at the best price.

These circumstances have made the service providers to think deep about the productivity of their employees and their Organisation as a whole. As a result the Internal Benchmarking concept is being increasingly used amongst the organisations.

In the process of Internal Benchmarking organisations try to establish their own set of Best Practices & Performance Standards against which the performance of their employees can be measured, and later enhanced. This process enables them to understand how maximum productivity can be achieved, and what changes are to be made in order to reach maximum efficiency.

Internal Benchmarking brings several advantages to the table, as it is a collective approach between the top management and the employees it sets up a common understanding of the goals and expectations. Moreover, it helps in highlighting the key business areas where the Organisation has to focus more in order to gain an edge amongst competitors. Overall it enhances the focus, dedication and performance of the Organisation.

Now, apart from the benefits there are a number of challenges associated with this process. Once the performance standards are set, the follow up of the actual execution becomes tricky, as there are no objective measures available. This lack of work visibility fosters the feeling of complacency amongst the workforce and the lack of seriousness results in marginal improvements, which differ from the expected outcome. Henceforth it raises questions on the effectiveness of the Internal Benchmarking process.

Our product Sapience comes in as the perfect partner for the Organisations to support and follow up their Internal Benchmarking process. Our unique application performs Smart Effort Analytics, which provides a detailed analysis of the course of action that the employees have taken in a day, which indicates their contribution to the set goals and performance standards. Moreover, it helps in reaching out the root cause of existing problems in the process so that they can be resolved at the earliest.

The data is generated in form of objective Automated Work Facts, which allows the employee to modify their working patterns so that they align with the performance goals, as well as it allows the managers to keep track of the employee performance over a continuous period so that they can take necessary interventions as and when required. To know more, please contact us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com