How to Effectively Manage a Distributed Team ?
Blog | 08.22.2012

Gain Employee Productivity Through Employee Empowerment

In today’s rapid-fire modern business world, Employee Productivity has taken a center stage, and one of the best ways to improve productivity of the employees is to empower them.

Employee Empowerment is the process of making an individual confident, capable, and making them feel in control of their work outcomes. These factors when inculcated amongst employees, they start working more effectively without any excessive monitoring or micromanagement.

How Employers can empower their Employees?

The Employers need to follow an open and a constructive approach to empower their employees. They can do the following things in order to lay the foundation of Employee Empowerment in their organisations:

  • Share Organisation Mission & Vision: Every organisation should make sure that the employees are able to imbibe the Mission and Vision of the organisation, so that they can feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their individual jobs. This keeps them motivated to contribute more at work.
  • Share Individual Goals and Expectations: The employers need to share the goals and expectations they want employees to achieve. The goals should be measureable and observable so that employees can chart their course of action in order to achieve these goals.
  • Provide Frequent Feedbacks: The employers should provide frequent feedbacks on the performance of the employees. The feedback should aim towards improvement, so that they can improve upon their skills, and gain the rewards and recognition at work.
  • Delegate Authority and Opportunities: The employers should recognize and assess the capacity of the employees so that they can be allotted important tasks and activities .The new opportunities will propel them to sharpen their skill, which makes them more effective and productive towards work.

Our product Sapience acts as the perfect facilitator between the employers and the employee to build on employee empowerment. It performs Smart Effort Analytics, which records their Time Utilisation & Working Patterns and the details are shown to the employees as well as the managers for their perusal.

These work facts show the employee the course of action they have taken on a task till date, using this data they can anticipate the outcome, and take control of the way they work. This not only makes the empowered but also immensely improves their overall productivity.

Moreover, the managers can analyse the data, assess Employee’s Capability of performing which helps them to draft a plan for delegation of new responsibilities on the selected employees and gives them a basis for rewarding their performance. To know more please contact us at