Productivity Improvement | 08.20.2012

Are You Keeping Busy or being Productive?

We as professionals find ourselves always busy, for us work has no bounds and even 9-10 hours at work place are not sufficient for what we aim to do. We often fail to understand that “Is it really required for us to be that busy?” What we ignore is that we keep on filling the time and keep ourselves busy to satisfy our sense of achievement, though in reality we do not always achieve something meaningful.

Therefore to be responsible and more productive at our jobs, below mentioned tips could help improve our working pattern:

Know the Difference : First of all we need to know the difference between being busy and being productive. For e.g. Everyday in the morning we start by checking the e-mail inbox and reply to them, and this sometimes triggers a set of chain mails. As a habit we start keeping tabs on e-mails every 10 minutes, which interrupts the work one might be doing in between.

Now this is what we call as Busy Work, we get involved in this so much that we realize later that a lot of time has been spent and the to-do list has not moved even one bit. As a result productivity goes for a toss, and there rises a need to review the working patterns.

Here we need to know the difference between being busy and being productive. We should make ourselves smart enough to identify when we are really being non-productive.

Identify what is Important: As discussed above, e-mails is just one example, time wasters and distractions such as social interruptions etc. utilize a lot of our time. We need to start identifying the important stuff, and start minimizing the distractions if not eliminating them. This skill if practiced and developed frees up our time and energy to concentrate on what really matters, and makes you complete more work in less time.

Our product Sapience play your perfect partner assisting you to realize the all-important difference discussed above. It performs Effort Analytics, which measures the time you have spent on various activities throughout the day; giving you a clear-cut analysis of how much time you have spent on important activities and on the activities, which you could have avoided.

This helps you to streamline your working pattern, and makes you smarter in terms of identifying the important tasks thus increasing your productivity manifolds. To know more about us please write us at