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Productivity Improvement | 08.07.2012

Proven Tools That Encourage and Create Work Life Balance

For most of us working in the IT sector, juggling between the demands of work and life is a continuous challenge and achieving the goal of work life balance seems to be impossible. The need of the hour is to carve out the available time in such a manner that we get ample time to spend with family and fulfill our responsibilities at work too. Let’s first understand why Work Life Balance is becoming a complex problem to solve.

The markets are growing at a fast pace and it requires a skilled workforce to excel in the rising competition. The work is increasingly becoming knowledge based; it is no more a manual shift job. This requires the employees to be always in sync with the activities happening at work, which makes the work interfere in the time meant for personal activities. This trend in long run affects the employee in a negative manner, which needs to be taken care of.

In the current scenario, both the Employers and the Employees hold the key to solve this issue. The Employers need to understand the importance of interactions out of work in employee’s life. They can provide certain flexibilities to the Employees such as Work From Home which saves them from the stress of commuting to work place and gives them the comfort of home. This arrangement when practiced occasionally helps the Employees to integrate work and personal stuff in an acceptable blend as both aspects are equally satisfied.

Taking the Employees into account, managing one’s own time depends upon the way they work. Employees need to understand and make it a habit of investing time smartly. Setting specific goals, focusing on what is important, being proactive towards work, avoiding distractions at work helps in saving an appreciable amount of time which can be invested on personal stuff.

Sapience analyzed the problems surrounding the work life balance and crafted a software solution that is designed for both the Employer’s as well the Employee’s benefit. It provides Automated Work Visibility, while respecting and protecting individual privacy of Employees. With Sapience in place the Employers get the details of the work done when working from home, so that there is a complete transparency between the Employee and the Organisation.

The Employees gets the comfort of working as per their convenience, nicely balancing time between work, friends & family and the Employers get an illustrative account of their activity mix which is a win-win situation.

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