Blog | 07.30.2012

Employee Morale Versus Productivity – Where Does Your Focus Lie?

It’s a well-known fact that employee morale is directly proportional to productivity. The more the employees feel stressed and demoralized, the more it affects their work output. Therefore Employee morale is that essential ingredient that can either make or break a business.

These days, most of the managers are concerned with low employee morale, as it affects overall productivity and enthusiasm at work. There are number of reasons for a drop in morale, keeping a watch on these reasons can facilitate managers to improve on this vital factor.

What Affects Employee Morale?

At times, a change in the business process becomes a reason for low morale, while sometimes the style of leadership that the management adopts starts affecting employee morale, thus influencing organizational productivity. For some employees, job insecurity & culture clashes also become a reason for low morale. Ultimately, poor morale pushes one unhappy employee and starts spreading to other people in the team.

Therefore, organizations should frequently work upon the factors, which are under their control to ensure that employees remain up beat and feel recognized for all their contributions towards their team & organization.

How to maintain Employee Morale?

To gauge the big picture, it is crucial to focus upon some key steps:

  • Recognizing the value of employees: The first step in this direction is to recognize the value of your team members. If you work with an intention of terminating employees with the idea that anybody can take their position, it sends a wrong message to the other employees, and a negative vibe is created.
  • Appreciate People: When your team members are doing a job worth mentioning, make sure you appreciate them from time to time in front of other employees or may be state a few words admiring their job.
  • Reward them: Gifts and awards are a good way of boosting the enthusiasm in employees, which usually remains untapped in many workers. This also gives employees a goal to work and perform better at every step.

To get a more illustrative insight into how to boost employee morale, read the following link Boosting Employee Morale Increases Productivity

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