Blog | 07.18.2012

Defining and Improving Employee Engagement

A recent study conducted by Gallup highlighted that many of India’s successful organizations are losing employee engagement and are unaware of the reason. Employees need to feel engaged with the work they do, peers they work with and the organization they work for.

How To Define Employee Engagement?

When we reflect on employee engagement, it is not just about the involvement of employees in the organization and its values, but also the level of commitment people should have. The term Employee Engagement has evolved over several years and mean different things to different companies. For some it is the job satisfaction which ultimately reflects a transactional relationship and is vastly linked to pay scale and bonuses or appraisals. While for others it equates to the emotional commitment of an employee with their organization.

Engaged or Disengaged!!!

While employee engagement is an antecedent of job involvement, it becomes crucial for organizations to ensure that their employees are engaged. Companies should focus on nurturing employee engagement, which may require a two-way relationship between the employee and employer.
An engaged employee is aware of the business goals, context and works with other team members for improving the overall organizational performance. This relationship works like a barometer to find out the association of a candidate with the organization. Studies show that only 15% of organizational output is strategy driven and 85% is solely due to execution (i.e. employee effort). Engaged employees make the largest contribution to organization outcomes.

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