Blog | 07.17.2012

Tools to Improve Employee Efficiency

You may be having a cutting edge information technology up and running in your services organization, but can you guarantee 90% of employee efficiency. Well, the answer is No. Most of the companies operate in the range of 60%-65% efficiency, even though they have systems upgraded with latest technology. Here we need to deep dive into the problem “How this employee efficiency ratio can be improved?”

When technology invades…

As soon as companies become familiar with this employee efficiency ratio, they start depending upon employee time tracking tools and other technologies, to keep an eye on the workforce.
It is important to draw attention to the fact that employee monitoring does not provide a license for deliberately spying on your employees. Some people work hard and try to give in their best, but still they are not able to increase the productivity to the desired levels, and the reason may be not working on the right things in a right manner. Now, this may be possible due to various reasons like lack of understanding the company goals, distractions at work, unproductive meetings, inefficient tools and technologies and the list is endless. All these factors make it difficult for employees to perform better, thus dropping their efficiency drastically.

Another problem is an awfully designed internal monitoring system that does not capture relevant time and effort data completely and rely heavily on manual inputs provided by the workforce. This puts employees in a tight spot as they now have another tool to feed data into.

What experts have to say?

As experts say, customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employee satisfaction. So businesses should realize that their most reliable resource is happy to work with the company. And employees are always intelligent enough to understand that what senior management thinks about them. So, it is crucial for the businesses to ensure employee satisfaction to boost overall profitability in the long run.

Sapience is a unique software solution that facilitates Automated Time and Effort Monitoring exercise, not employee monitoring. Unlike any employee monitoring system, Sapience provides effort analytics, which allows the Employees to know their detailed Work Patterns and Activity Mix, which increases their scope of improvement in doing the Right things in the Right way. It captures relevant data while respecting employee privacy.

Moreover it provides the Senior Management Team Hygiene reports which help in assessing the level of Capacity Utilisation in the organisation to improve overall efficiency. If interested, please write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com