Blog | 03.01.2012

Getting more productivity from your existing team

Productivity depends on many aspects, including the quality, motivation, training and tools available to your team. You can hire more experienced or talented people, get better managers, or provide them with better tools. However, that’s in the future. The challenge today is how to get more from my existing team?

Improving productivity is possible if you first measure it. When your teams spend hours in front of the PC to deliver your company’s products and services, it is hard to know how much productive work is happening. Coming up with KPIs or metrics is one way, but they are hard to measure, often debatable, and not uniform across teams. More importantly, they tell you who are your strong and weak performers, but if they are already doing their best, how can productivity improve? Having said that, you should continue with measuring KPIs to know which people need assistance to improve.

An ignored aspect is actual time being spent on work and using that work time for the right activities. It is ignored because it is hard to measure. Timesheets are a waste of time since you only get what you expect. There are industry studies showing that over 2-3 hours at work are non-productive, often without employees knowing the extent. What if one hour of that time can switch to work through self-awareness? What if the 6 hours of work can be optimized for the core activities? Then, with the same team, you can get 15-20% increase in productivity without any change in process.

We don’t know of any method that can give this kind of a boost, so easily. So write to us at InnovizeTech, and find out how you can achieve this.