Productivity Improvement | 06.28.2012

Is working 9-6 is better than 11-8pm?

We often hear the work principles about the harder you work, the more successful you will be. Eventually we end up putting in more hours at work. But is that really true? Unfortunately that’s not true. We all could work on a task without getting far at all. Achieving company goals require work.

The current “Working Hard” scenario means starting late at office and working till late night hours. Let’s exemplify two scenarios: Think of a person who works late at night in the office and again comes late in the morning. Now, does this sound productive? Think of another scenario, where a person starts office on time and leaves on time. Which one of these circumstances will be more effective and will result in better outputs, according to you?

The upside of coming in early is that you will be able to finish your pending jobs as early as possible and will be ready to serve the customers before time, versus the person coming late to office. Coming in early and leaving on time has lot of benefits such as:

  • Work Life Balance: Leaving from office on time now means quality time in hand for family, friends and most importantly you.
  • Less stress: We all live in a world where we are being pushed to do more. Overworking can be seriously affecting your health. Now since work ends on time you will be less stressed. Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
  • Greater efficiency & engagement: When you bracket your workday, you force yourself to work efficiently.

With Sapience you can rightly assess your own engagement at work for a day. It lets you account for your work done throughout the day. The data highlights work facts, which shows time spent on each business activity. This helps you to be more productive as compared to people who stay longer in office simply because of the engagement that comes from visibility into your working pattern.

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