Productivity Improvement | 07.21.2015

17 Tips for More Productive Computer Time – Right Now

Who doesn’t want to be more productive? We all are looking for ways to avoid distractions. It’s easy to feel like we are losing focus and control.

Productivity is about doing more, faster and with lesser effort. Is it difficult to increase the productivity? Not really. Take a minute or two and try these tips.

  1. Buy a fast PC – trust me, your biggest productivity boost will come from a fast PC – your programs will load faster, the web pages will load faster and you will end up saving hours.
  2. Use a computer mouse even when you are working on a laptop – When you use the laptop’s mousepad, your arm sort of twists and creates an unnecessary stress on your forearm. So if you want to save yourself from carpel tunnel syndrome, one of the easy things to do is to invest in a good quality ergonomic mouse.
  3. Make sure that your computer screen is at the same level as your eyes – if it is lower or higher than that, it is going to cause back and neck pain and dry eye syndrome.
  4. If you want to stay productive and avoid burnout, intensely concentrate on a task for at least 25 minutes without any distraction. Once the task is completed at the end of 25 minutes, take a short break and go for a small walk or grab yourself a coffee.
  5. Sit right – Place your computer screen at least at an arm’s length from your chair. Always keep the knees bent at right angles (do not sit crossed legged). Try to keep your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms and elbows on the chair. Make sure that you are not straining your shoulders.
  6. Read emails only at specific times – don’t keep your email tab or Outlook always open. It will suck your time and distract you.
  7. Track how you spend your time on PC – you will know what takes up most of your time, how much time you really spent on your core activities and after few days, you will have concrete data in front of you and then you can bring in positive changes in your work patterns.
  8. Use keyboard shortcuts – they save a hell lot of time! Even if you save only 10 seconds on a task, you could end up saving 8 hours a month and up to 12 days a year. Here are some cool keyboard shortcuts which you can use.
  9. Follow mindfulness – focus on one task at a time. Here are 15 tips to help you become more mindful.
  10. If you are getting distracted because of the loud voice in open workspaces, I would recommend listening to music. There are some cool music apps which can help you concentrate better and thus, improve your overall productivity.
  11. Do regular exercise every day – it helps you become more energetic.
  12. The temperature in the room plays a vital role in your productivity – People tend to make more mistakes at low temperature (around 20 degree Celsius) than at optimal room temperature (25 degrees Celsius).
  13. Exposure to daylight can improve productivity and wrong kind of lighting can cause eye fatigue. Avoid direct glare on your computer screen and don’t work under direct light.
  14. Use dual monitor if you need to open several windows to do your work. Instead of switching between the windows, fitting the most frequently used window permanently on another monitor and just pivoting the eye balls to another monitor is way too productive.
  15. Use technology to your advantage to break bad habits – For example: download apps which block few sites for you at specific times or sign out of chat when you are working on something important.
  16. Learn to type faster – if you are someone who spends much of your day in typing (emails, blogs, or even coding), then improving the typing speed by even 20% could save more than 2 hours of your day!
  17. Do nothing when you are angry, anxious, paranoid or tired.

These small changes in our day to day schedule can have significant impact on how we feel at the end of the day. Try these and let me know if these worked for you!