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Blog | 06.20.2012

Organizational Transparency: The Key to Customer Confidence

Today it’s a well-known fact that customers will only be loyal to service providers who serve as a valued ‘partner’. A sustainable business can only be built on a culture of trusted partnerships with the customers; therefore organisational transparency is the key to gain customer confidence and to ensure long term relationship. The following article gives a much broad perspective about steps to build transparency within an organisation to strengthen customer retention. Trust but verify: From transparency to competitive advantage

As per a recent study titled “Measuring the Relationship Between Organizational Transparency and Trust” published by Mr. Brad Rawlins, there are three aspects of transparency: Informational Transparency; Participatory Transparency and Accountability Transparency.

In IT services industry Participatory and Accountability transparency play a key role in ensuring a successful partnership. As Participatory transparency the service provider must identify what the customer needs to know and information provided from there on must be substantial to meet stakeholder’s needs. Accountability transparency holds people accountable for their actions, words and decisions; therefore to shine and gain trust the service providers should stay true to their deliverables and should make decisions that are of benefit to the partnership rather than being one sided.

To be precise in addition to ‘what a company does,’ it is equally important to focus on ‘how it does it’.

For example: IT services industry primarily works on Time and Material model and in recent times Output based pricing is being given more importance, in any case the customer needs to know the Output the service provider is producing in clear objective terms so that they can track their investment being done in accordance to the output they receive. Therefore the service provider needs to be utmost transparent in this respect to gain confidence of the customer by giving them correct information supported by facts.

We at Sapience aim to promote transparency not only within the organization but also with the customers. Our unique application performs smart Effort Analytics both at individual and team level in an enterprise. The data is presented in form of automated work facts which shows time spent on each business activity which not only provides a basis for setting efficiency improvement goals within the organisation but also acts as an automated timesheet for the time/effort put for a customer which when shared builds on the transparency between the customer and the service provider.

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